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For years, Acqir has helped newspapers strengthen and redefine their classified advertisements. Our variety of programs and formats and our ability to customize each product for our clients has allowed our
clients to increase their advertising
revenue while showcasing the
local community.

“Properly placed creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.”
-William Bernbach

Product Suite

Acqir is host to a varied assortment of programs. These programs are meant to be combined and customized into a format that will best serve you and your clients’ needs. Here are some of our more popular programs. Keep in mind, this only serves as a base, and we are able to customize content to suit your needs.

Garage Sales

Local garage sales are as American as apple pie. Highlight these local events to help draw in a strong local source of advertising revenue. Garage Sales can help a community come together. Acqir helps you become an integral aspect of these local events by letting your readers know when, where, and how to get to these events!

Case Study

Read about how we provided the tools to drive revenue and viewership to the Grass Valley Union with our Garage Sale program.

Real Estate

Thanks to the Internet, there have been enormous changes in the Real Estate market in recent years. Don’t let listing services like Zillow get all the glory and revenue! Your Readers and Real Estate Agencies still need your help to spread the word about valuable properties. Here are some of the ways Acqir connects sellers to buyers, and readers and revenue to you!

Online Locator Tool

The online locator tool is an excellent platform for engaging your users—it showcases valuable information for users and brings additional value to your advertisers. The locator allows for additional advertising in the form of banner ads and featured listings, on top of the standard open house advertisements.

Check out the Live Demo

Open House

Our Open House program highlights the local real estate market and drives potential buyers to open houses in your area. Real estate agencies, and most especially, independent sellers and buyers, need this service. Update your advertising options and keep yourself competitive against new services like Zillow.

Case Study

Read about how we provided the tools to drive revenue and viewership to the Napa Valley Register with our Open House program.

New Build

Our New Build program, similar to our open house program, showcases local real estate but focuses on new construction of both residential and commercial buildings. This kind of marketing may be of huge interest to local businesses beyond the traditional home buyer. Proud “new parent” commercial builders and large scale realtors will want to invest with your organization to show off their latest “addition to the family.”

Parade of Homes

Our Parade of Homes program is a great example of one of our special-event programs. These programs synchronize Real Estate listings with special-event programs, local events, celebrations, and seasonal themes. Parade of Homes is a two-to-three-week event that showcases open houses for new builds and iconic buildings in the local area. This program is short term and designed to supplement additional programs.

Acqir Formats

  • Connector.


    The print format is the classic paper map with adjustable sizing and layout determined by the number of details and amount of page dedication. Showcase your maps in a multitude of colors and customize the layout to fit your newspaper.

  • Connector.


    Online content is becoming ever more important in modern times. An interactive map has several features unavailable in print, including travel directions, route planning, and access to more detailed information. You can sell sponsorships to local businesses and plot them on the map to increase advertising revenue, as well as provide additional advertising banner space.

  • Connector.


    This is a great addition to any map, especially print maps where information is limited. Allows for more information and pictures for any program. A must-have for highly populated areas.

  • Connector.

    Mobile App

    A personalized mobile app for your program links with our online map and provides a direct line to clients. More users are preferring to use apps when on their device than using the web, and more people are accessing the news and other media through their phones.


Read more about how we have helped our clients,
creating custom maps to tell a story.

With more and more competition from online classified sources like Craigslist, Acqir is an opportunity for you to revitalize your classified section and an opportunity to increase your revenue potential. Acqir has a proven track record of helping newspapers increase their advertising revenue.

Let us help you take your classified section to the next level.


We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times. Our team of cartographers guarantee turnaround within three business hours after receiving all spreadsheet data. And that’s just our guarantee… we often have the maps ready far sooner than that.


By using the latest ESRI data for our maps and combining it with our cartographers’ careful examination and review, we are able to accurately plot locations across the country.


We are able to create map PDFs for online and print viewing, though we can export in many formats, including PNG, JPG, and more.

OUR CLIENTS is established and skilled

Since 1991, has been a leader in custom mapping solutions for businesses, organizations, education, and government, across the USA.

Our Clients include:

The Advocate, Santa Barbara News-Press, St. Petersburg Times, Media News Groups, Grass Valley Union, Napa Valley Register, and many more!


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