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Maps are being used as visual representations by businesses every day. They help with everything from internal planning, client management and market research, to wayfinding and location services. In the restoration and renovation services industry, maps are crucial. Damage to buildings from storms, fires, and other natural and manmade disasters can cost businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue. BluSky Restoration offers emergency response restoration services nationwide to clients to get them back to work quickly. How do they plan and coordinate their efforts? That’s where’s custom mapping division comes in.

Creating a tool for strategic response

Any time of day, any day of the week, there’s a commercial property somewhere in the United States that’s in the throes of a natural or manmade disaster. From apartment fires to wildfires, broken pipes to hurricanes, BluSky is ready to spring into action and make it better. BluSky provides commercial, industrial, governmental, and multifamily restoration, renovation, environmental, and roofing services across the continental United States.



When a hail storm struck the city of Denver, Colorado in early May of 2017, causing 1.4 billion dollars in damage, BluSky needed to know where to focus their teams so they contacted us for a custom map.


BluSky understands the value of accuracy and detailed planning. They needed a map that showed the coverage area of the storm that included highly detailed street-level data so that their teams could focus on community outreach in the areas most affected, as well as manage the projects that were currently underway.


The result is two large, seven-foot-wide by four-foot-tall laminated custom wall maps that cover north and south Denver respectively. The maps show the areas affected by the hail storm represented by a yellow “swath.” The detail of the map is extremely accurate down to the street level. It is labeled with all Denver zip codes and notes hundreds of location points showing all the commercial properties in the city by type. BluSky now has a great new tool that helps their management visualize and coordinate their recovery team efforts.

BluSky map of South Denver by

When zoomed in you can see the level of accuracy and detail.

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