Maps for Emergency Response


Emergency preparedness and response is something that is taken very seriously by our state governments. All state websites have sections devoted to preparing for all types of emergencies. One very important category is medical response, which falls under the departments of health.

Creating a tool for planning

In any type of disaster, whether natural or man-made, access to medical services is crucial. For state governments, that means having detailed plans that cover as many contingencies as possible. That type of in-depth planning requires a very accurate and detailed map. The Oklahoma State Department of Health has been trusting to create and update their custom response maps since 2009.


Developing a detailed planning map that is still easy to read and navigate is difficult and requires experience. Include too much information and detail, and everything gets piled on top of itself,; too little, and you risk leaving out pertinent information. That is where the cartographic experience at becomes indispensable.


The Oklahoma State DoH wanted ten maps that would cover all their specified regions in detail, and the state as a whole. They needed to have every hospital, airport, college, veteran’s administration hospital, and tribal areas plotted accurately. They also needed to include street street-level detail. The state-wide map needed insets of the largest cities, Oklahoma City and Tulsa.


Oklahoma DoH Emergency Response Map

Zoom in of State Map

Map Legend produced eight regional maps covering each specified region, one tribal-area map, and one large, 9-foot by 4-foot statewide map that encompassed everything. Our cartographers verified locations of all the points that were plotted. They also adjusted all the labels, such as hospital names, street names, airport symbols, and others, ensuring their legibility. The index is extremely thorough and allows responders to quickly locate points of interest.

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