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Opened in 1955 by distinguished hotelier Conrad Hilton, The Beverly Hilton, a Forbes Four-Star hotel, combines the excitement and entertainment of Hollywood with the prestige of Beverly Hills. Nestled at the crossroads of the iconic Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, the hotel features 569 guest rooms designed to evoke the best of relaxed California living, including 101 suites with panoramic city views and inviting indoor-outdoor living spaces as well as nine private luxury suites within The Penthouse Collection.


The Beverly Hilton wanted a piece of promotional material that would have the power to give guests an understanding of the surrounding area while also being useful as a marketing and advertising tool.


Five main aspects of this custom hospitality map were important to the Beverly Hilton. One, they were able to define their own custom coverage area that the map would highlight, featuring inset maps that gave a regional and a state overview as well. Two, the map would only focus on the points of interest that the Beverly Hilton felt were unique and special to that specific location, as well as logistical details such as the hotel’s distance from Los Angeles International Airport. Three, the map would reflect the company brand, aligning its fonts and colors, as well as providing contact information directly on the map – to make it easier for guests to reach staff with any needs or questions. Finally, the map was printed on offset paper making it easy for staff to makes notes and highlight specific points directly on it for guests to reference later with ease.


Front page of beverly hilton hospitality map

Front Page

Back page of Beverly Hilton Hospitality map

Back page

The solution to the Beverly Hilton’s challenge of quickly orienting guests while providing a piece of promotional material that could be used by sales and marketing materialized as a convenient 11×17 tear-sheet luxury hospitality map. Not only does the map highlight unique points of interest nearby, it has inset maps displaying the orientation of the hotel both on the state and regional levels – all while ensuring a finished product befitting this luxurious brand.

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