Maps for Hospital Hospitality


Maps for Hospital Hospitality

When families go to Shriners Hospitals to seek care for their children, many must travel from far away. They sometimes have to stay for weeks, or even months, and the staff does everything possible to make them feel comfortable and safe. Being able to easily navigate the neighborhood around the hospital is important for these families. That is why Shriners came to for a solution.


Hospitals are generally results-driven institutions. Patients don’t stay in a hospital for weeks at a time because they choose to, and the most important task for the doctors is to save lives. What many hospitals have learned, however, is that making the families of patients feel welcome and comfortable is important and beneficial to everyone.


Putting “hospitality” into hospital stays has become a priority for Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, MA. The stress of having a child in the hospital can be overwhelming. One of the many ways Shriners is making families feel comfortable is with a hospitality map.


hospitality map, custom map

Hospitality map for Shriners Hospitals for Children in Boston, MA

The custom hospitality map for Shriners Boston shows the Hospital and the surrounding neighborhood. It highlights important businesses such as hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, banks, and coffee shops. It is designed to be easy to read and represents the Shriners brand with their logos and colors. Now, when families are dealing with the stress of their child staying in the hospital, they can at least comfortably navigate the surrounding neighborhood to find what they need.

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