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Creating a tool for parents

One of the important choices parents face when moving into a new area is what school their children will go to. Figuring out which school zone a house or apartment is in can be tricky. Plano Independent School District came to to help solve that problem.


Neighborhoods are assigned to certain schools. Boundaries are made taking into consideration population, property taxes, and a host of other factors. These boundaries change from time to time, and staying up to date with those changes can be difficult.


Realtors and school offices can be great resources to determine what school an address is assigned to, but who wants to call someone every time they find a house to look at? Plano ISD decided to have a map made to show all the school zones in their district. They wanted the map to be available on their website, and also in printed format so they could hand them out.


Custom School Zone Map for Plano Independent School District

Custom School Zone Map for Plano Independent School District

Custom school zone map

Index and Information for Plano ISD

street level detail

Street level detail

map street index

Street index and customized information

The result is a very detailed custom map that shows every school in the district. The school zones are color coded and every street is labeled, making it easy for anyone to determine which school an address is assigned to. The map includes a street index for easy reference, as well as some important information for parents.

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