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There are almost endless uses for maps. Travelers use them to find a location they are going to, or to plan their next vacation. Teachers use them to show their students faraway places they may never see in person. Businesses use them for everything from planning and managing, to market research. Another way a maps are valuable is to help tell a story. Edie Littlefield Sundby’s book titled “The Mission Walker” is an amazing and inspirational story indeed.

Creating a visually impactful image to inspire the reader

From the books summary: “The Mission Walker is the amazing biography of Edie Littlefield Sundby, who, after being told she had only three months to live, survived 79 rounds of chemotherapy, radical liver and lung surgeries, and then walked 800 miles along the California Mission Trail, averaging 14 miles a day, and stopping at life-giving missions to revive her body and her soul.

When she finished, she yearned to walk the mission trail from its start – in Mexico. But no one had traversed that trail in 250 years.

As you learn in the pages of this book, Edie doesn’t care about what some deem impossible. It is that spirit that has allowed her to live, despite the odds.

With fading strength and only one lung, she walked another 800 miles through the rugged mountains and deserts of Baja California to the California border. In a walk of triumph, of harrowing adventure, and of spiritual enlightenment, she carried her mortality in every step and in the process opened a profound communion with God and his creation, and the true meaning of life .

And all of this with a terminal cancer that was chasing her every step of the way. It still is, and she continues to walk with it every day.

“For me, walking is a transcendent physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, like dancing. If I can move, I am not sick.” That is my alternate reality. And I believe with all my will in that reality. So, when cancer strikes again and again, I walk to stay alive. Life is the greatest adventure there is. Why stop our adventuring because someone says the end might be near? (Edie Sundby; The Mission Walker)”


The Mission Walker

1600 miles is difficult for most people to visualize. For her readers, understanding how far her journey really was, was vital to her story.


Sundby’s book needed a map to show both the route she walked and the location of the missions so that her readers could visualize her journey. The map also needed to look appealing and match the feel of her book so that it didn’t detract from her amazing story.


The result is a simple, yet beautiful custom map that displays her journey and all the missions along the way. It helps her readers to visualize the full magnitude of her accomplishment.

“[The Team] did an awesome job – the HarperCollins team is very impressed” – Edie

Custom map of the full 1600 mile route along the California Mission Trail that Edie Sundby walked.

To purchase The Mission Walker, visit her Facebook page or find it at online bookstores everywhere.

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