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With around 70 marathons in California each year, it can be challenging for an event director to attract runners. Fast Green Racing, organizers of the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in Ventura, California, was looking for a tool to help promote and showcase their unique event. They came to

Creating a tool to showcase the marathon

“Uniquely situated and  surrounded by beautiful mountains, the city of Ojai holds the start of the Clif Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. This point-to-point race winds through the Ventura River Valley as it makes its way to the pristine beaches of the last great surf town in California: Ventura. Runners will love the gradual downhill nature and amazing weather, which is primed to make you faster, but not hurt the knees. After a pancake-flat tour of beachfront Ventura, runners and their families are treated to a finish- line party only steps away from the surf and the shops and restaurants of Historic Downtown Ventura (” The race consists of a Marathon, Half Marathon, and a 5K event. Runners tout the marathon as one of the fastest Boston Qualifiers in California.



California hosts around 70 marathons each year. There are 7 in May alone, including the Clif Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. Race Director Ben DeWitt wanted to showcase the unique course on the website and at the event itself. The maps would be used for racers, spectators, and volunteers.


Ben wanted a custom map of each of the three events in digital format that could be posted to their website. The maps would help potential runners visualize the course and entice them to register for one of the races. He also needed to be able to have large, laminated prints of the maps, so he could post them at the pre-race expo, the start line, and the finish line


Full Marathon Map

Half Marathon Map

5K Map

The result is three beautiful custom route maps that trace each of the courses and showcase the topography. The Mountains 2 Beach logo is prominently featured on each map. All the important points are plotted, which include the start/ finish line, mile markers, restrooms, water points, and medical aid stations. The event sponsor, Clif, is also featured on the map. Another important element is the elevation diagram. This graph shows the elevation change of each race by mile. The diagram helps racers prepare for the course and gives spectators a better understanding of the event. One of the great attributes of the digital maps is that they can be printed directly from the Mountains 2 Beach website on 8.5” x 11” paper. This allows those who want a print version to get one without wasting paper by printing unused copies.

For more information on the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon, click here

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