If it exists, we can put in on a map for you.

Mike Powers

I got into cartography as an undergraduate intern at way back in 1998.
I double-majored in Geography and Art Studio at UCSB, and found that cartography was the perfect melding of my studies. I live in Sacramento with my wife and two boys. When I’m not making maps, I’m probably playing games or sports with my family, coaching youth soccer, watching the A’s/Sharks/Warriors, grilling choice meats and veggies over the backyard campfire pit, or planning the next family road trip.

Favorite Map:

California Road & Recreation Atlas by Benchmark Maps

Jesse Wickizer

Like many, I got into cartography while sitting in the back seat of the family minivan reading the road atlas.

I am a cartographer and software developer at I earned my degree in Cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin and I’ve been making maps for 15 years.

Favorite Map:

My favorite map is one I made of a road trip I took to Alaska. It brings back memories of a great adventure.

Roger Petrilli

I have been working in cartography since June 1991.
I began my cartographic career with RR Donnelley & Sons Cartographic unit ( which would later become MapQuest) in 1991 following my graduation from Penn State. Over the past 25 years I have been primarily involved in the creation of interactive maps through the many different technologies that have come and gone continuing today into world of HTML5 animation. I live in Lancaster, PA with my wife, 2 dogs, and African grey parrot each of whom may often be heard in the background when I am on the phone. Outside of cartography, I enjoy playing golf, hiking, growing hot peppers, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite Map:

My favorite map is an old late 1970s era map of Elk County, PA that I had a child and would update to add new roads, old railroad grades, off-road trails, etc as I would discover them. I guess I was a cartographer before I even knew such a thing existed!

Stephen “Alexander” Gee

Got into cartography around 2010.
Alex Gee is a cartographer. He was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, CA. Since 2005 Alex has lived in Santa Barbara where he attended SBCC and then UCSB from which he graduated in 2012 with a BA in Geography with emphasis on graphical information systems. After graduating, Alex worked for USCB Geography Department doing cartography and imagery analysis in support of the Famine Early Warning System and for the USCB planning department working on the Long Range Development Plan for the campus. In his free time Alex likes: Surfing/Body boarding, mountain biking, billiards, table tennis, and bowling.

Favorite Maps:

Brianna Spears

When I was a kid, I would map out my neighborhood just to see how much I knew and how detailed I could make it. During family road trips I would be in the back seat following our route in our road atlas. When I was in college as an art major, I realized I could combine my love for maps and art through cartography.

Born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, slept on a beach in California, and shoveled snow in Maine.

Favorite Map:

The Jack-O’-Lanterns map from Dennis Wood’s book, “Everything Sings: Maps for a Narrative Atlas.”